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    How to buy
    • How To Buy On Mobile? (TrustWallet)

      Always use this address when you want to purchase Cashsloth:

    • How to buy on PC / Mac via Metamask?

      Always use this address when you want to purchase Cashsloth:

      Step 1

      First, you need to have the Google Chrome browser installed on your device, if you don’t have it you can download it at this address (

      After the install, you need to add metamask to your navigator

      Once the extension has been added you must create your wallet for this following the instructions of Metamask.

    • Step 2

      Connect Metamask to the smart chain binance (see screen below)

      First, click on "Ethereum Mainnet" at the top right of the screen.

      Then on "Custom RPC" and fill in the empty fields like this:

      Network Name: Smart Chain
      New RPC URL:
      ChainID: 56
      Symbol: BNB
      Block Explorer URL:

      Before you can finally buy CSH you must add the token to your wallet, for this, click on “add token” then “custom token”.

      Again, fill the empty fields like as indicated on the screenshot above.

      Token Contract Adress : 0xf811E41dc5271814ceB9AAF4F148478D5C6a0134
      Token Symbol: CSH
      Token Decimal: 2

      Click on next to validate the information.

    • Step 3

      Now let's move on to the final token purchase step.

      To be able to trade you must be in possession of BNB which you can buy directly via trust by going to the following links or

      Go to the site and click on connect wallet at the top right then on the Metamask icon.

      Click on next then connect.
      (if the choice to switch to Binance is proposed, please validate)

      After connecting your wallet click on "trade now".

      Put the amount of BNB you want to change into cashsloth then click on select currency and paste the address of cashsloth “ 0xf811E41dc5271814ceB9AAF4F148478D5C6a0134 ” and select CSH then click on import > select “I understand” > import.

      Look for the token by the address and not by the name, indeed you could be the victim of an entity having copied our identity aiming to scam you, it is therefore imperative to use the address of the token above.

      Adjust the slippage at 10%:

      If the transaction does not work try again by increasing by 1% on each new try.
      Once the transaction is approved on Metamask, you are now officially the owner of CSH.

      Set the slippage to 12% with a minimum
      deadline of 20 minutes.

      Copy paste CashSloth contract address, and SWAP.


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